A blogging and postcast hosting platform with minimal design but powerful features.

Born for a reason

We've all been through the situation where we need a little web space for ourselves, somewhere we can speak freely without any pressure. In the process of seeking for the right place to dwell in, you might have encountered the same situation like we once did: either getting lost in playing with those highly customizable yet writing-distractive features, or being frustrated at the lack of support from the service - they've gone too far in minimalism.

Really, what we asked for was not much, but merely the balance between simplicity and complexity. That's when we decided to make our own blogging tool. It did take some effort to achieve how it looks today – beautiful and elegant, nevertheless easy to get your hands on. We spent time so that you can save time to focus on the content itself.

Shout out to Markdown lovers

We love Markdown too! Typlog supports Markdown, and we are proud to push it a bit further: we display Markdown pretty. well. We are proud to layout multiple images into a gallery. When we say your creation will look beautiful in Typlog, we not only mean it, we also accomplish it.

Our Team

Hsiaoming Yang
Founder, Developer
Jessie Ji
Developer, Copywriter