Typlog 3.0


We released Typlog 3.0, a new and rewritten version of Typlog. It contains many new features and good enhancements. This is a huge update, it may break things. If you encountered any problems, please contact us via email.

New Admin & Dashboard

A new admin and dashboard are created together with our new backend service. This new admin site contains many updates, especially for the site settings. Also, we have split the account system of the admin site.

API endpoint

In Typlog 3.0, we have public APIs now. The endpoint is https://api.typlog.com/v3/, you can browse the API spec documentation at: https://api.typlog.com/.

Our API supports authentication via OAuth and API Token. You can create a new API token in your account:

new token

Note: OAuth client registration is not ready yet.


You can develop your own theme now. All our built-in themes are public on GitHub. Once you submit your theme to our theme registry, you can select that theme on Typlog admin site: Settings - Design & Themes.

Typlog built-in themes on GitHub:

Comment system

In Typlog 2.0, there is a simple built-in comment system with webmention feature. This comment system is kept in Typlog 3.0, and it has many improvements.


In the meantime, we have removed our disqus proxy for China users. Our built-in comment system is super good, if you (in China) want a comment system, you can use our built-in comment to replace disqus. And it is better, it won't track and sell your private data.


Collaborator is a new concept in Typlog. It actually refers to authors and collaborators. A post can contain multiple authors/collaborators. Each author/collaborator has its own profile page.


Hosts & Guests

Hosts & guests are the same as collaborators. You can add collaborators to an episode of your podcast, those collaborators are hosts and guests. They would appear on your site's episode page.

hosts & guests

Podcast 2.0 namespace

In this release, we also added some Podcast 2.0 namespace to your podcast feed, which is podcast:guid and podcast:person. We will integrate more in the future.

These are just some of our updates, explore more with your own account. If you don't have one, you can try our service for free: https://typlog.com/account/signup/.