Zapier + Typlog

Connect Typlog with Zapier to make easy automation with 1000+ apps.

Zapier is a tool like IFTTT with more connected apps. With our Zapier integration, you can create workflows to do more jobs.


Our integration has built-in Zapier triggers and actions. Here are some examples you can do:

  1. When there is a new subscriber, notify you with SMS
  2. Send a tweet when you published a post
  3. When you publish a post, save it into Dropbox
  4. Send an email to create a new post
  5. When there is a new comment, notify you with Slack


Connect our Typlog for Zapier integrations with OAuth 2.0.

Create workflow

You can create your own workflow in Zapier:

This integration is a Pro feature, it only works with a Pro plan.